Online Diamond Jewelers Ratings and Reviews

I felt that this page would be decisive for our readers to be shown some strong, reputable online diamond jewelers.  It merely doesn’t do you any aid if subsequently I start out with you the tricks of the diamond trade I leave you hanging without recommending a few diamond jewelers that you can count on to deliver your ideal diamond engagement ring.

The majority of these are stringently internet diamond retailer but one (Zales) is also a brick and mortar location that you may have seen at your local mall.  They are all excellent in different areas.  For that reason I wanted to refrain from ranking them into a points or stars system.  (If you feel that it would be helpful to determinejeweler ratings please write a notice below.)   Some have better loose diamond picks like, Blue Nile and Mondera, others are unbeatable price competitors like  Then you have the ones that offer a little of everything  Szul, Ross Simmons and Diamonds on The Web.

Then there is Diamonds International that has everything as well as offers 0% financing in case you do not want to pay in full at time of purchase .

I would consider Mondera, JamesAllen and Blue Nile the Top Tier Online Diamond Retailers. That being said you may want to check them all out before you select which diamond jeweler you are most comfortable with.

Tell us your opinion on your front-runner sites so we can acquire a Users Pick and Runner’s Up.

If you have further question on how to buy diamonds check out our  diamond review.

Mondera: The Diamond Ring Review Editor’s Pick Runner Up.  eminent loose diamond search tool and 30 Day returns.

James Allen: The Diamond Ring Review’sTop Editor’s Pick.  surpassing selection of diamond and engagement ring settings and 30 day returns. They also offer options to view the existent diamond you want to buy!

Blue Nile: The Diamond Ring Review Editor’s Pick Runner Up. World renown diamond jewelry site also has a great design your own ring tool and 30 day returns. (Mondera and James Allen also offer this option) They have an unbelievable selection and client service is very friendly and helpful. Their effectiveness is largely in price. There prices are impressively low for brand name ring styles. If you are in truth trying to save money try them out . However, their engagement ring options is not as ambitious as James Allen. Save Up to 85% off our Brand Name Jewelry and Watches at!

Zales: The Diamond Store:  They are a brick and mortar diamond retailer as well as online diamonds jewelers.  This can be to your benefit in case you need additional servicing later on but would like the private and hassle free shopping from buying online.

Diamonds International: They have impressive selection of a little bit of everything as well as offering 0% fianancing which is great if you don’t want to put all your money down at once pay in full at time of purchase !

Diamonds On Web:  Another great web site to buy diamonds online. You can’t go falsely with them either.

Ross-Simons Homepage: They have it all, from diamond engagement rings to any kind of special affair gift you could view of.